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The City of Tampere Proudly Continues Recruiting International Talents

The winner of the public organization category in 2022 was the City of Tampere Employment and Growth Services, the International Talent Attraction and Migration Services Unit. With the win they hope to set the example to other organizations, too.

– We were very admired. It is quite rare for a public organization to show willingness to employ international staff. We do have a very international atmosphere as we offer services for internationals in Tampere, internationals interested in Tampere and of course also employers trying to pursue international recruitments, Service Manager Nuppu Suvanto explains.

International atmosphere is a door opener

The city of Tampere recognizes the many benefits of employing international talents. The diverse mix of cultures promotes innovation and maximizes the potential of knowledge from different backgrounds. They also now see themselves as an attractive unit from recruitment perspective.

– Language barriers can be a challenge, but it is also an opportunity for international development. We hope everyone understands the potential of international candidates already in Finland, which can provide a competitive advantage. Be bold, courageous, and open minded and pick the best, Director of Talent Attraction and Migration Mari Taverne recommends.

The diverse mix of cultures promotes innovation and maximizes the potential of knowledge from different backgrounds.

Creating an international and diverse work environment entails special operations and steps. It demands more from the team leader, colleagues, and from the entire community. It also requires the new employee to be willing to adapt and learn.

– We are fortunate to have flexible, open-minded, and welcoming colleagues and employees here. We have delightful coffee room discussions and sessions, and everyone feels at home in our work community, Suvanto praises.

Setting example to the entire organization

Taverne explains that the organization is proud of its team of leaders and the growth of its young employees who start working diligently and may move on to other challenges within the organization. This means that other units of the organization can benefit from international possibilities.

– Our operations are growing, and we will continue recruiting diverse candidates. However, there is still work to be done within our organization to make everything run smoothly. Processes need to be functional so that everyone has a path to become a city employee. We will continue to be an international ambassador within our organization to support our city, Suvanto concludes.

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