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Diversity - The New Superpower of the Workplace!

The playing field of tomorrow's leaders is vast. One of the most interesting paths is to explore the opportunities of globalization, diversity, international collaboration, and various international business operations. A good leader of tomorrow understands these aspects and is capable of navigating the ever-changing environment to succeed in the future. Success doesn't only mean money, but also many other things.

Traditionally, Finland's economy has heavily relied on foreign trade, but as competition tightens, we must cast our nets into the sea in pursuit of other opportunities as well. Internationalization is one way to seek growth and/or development. It doesn't only involve selling and buying abroad but also increasing openness and diversity locally. In an internationalizing company, new ideas and perspectives may arise that haven't been previously considered. Additionally, through collaboration, new business opportunities and innovations can be discovered, and understanding of different cultures can be enhanced.

Tapping into International Talent for Future Success

Finland possesses a tremendous amount of technological solutions and expertise, but a shortage of skilled professionals in various sectors threatens the future in many ways. For example, the gaming industry is already globally renowned, but more professionals are needed. By attracting international talent and creating opportunities for them to succeed in Finland, we could enhance the chances of companies succeeding in international markets. For the future, it is also crucial to retain internationally expanding companies in Finland and provide them with fair conditions. While Finnish culture is strong and unique, by increasing openness and diversity, Finland can better respond to future challenges.

The leader of the future must understand the challenges of the global operating environment because markets are constantly changing. Operating in an international environment requires an understanding of international relations, different cultures and their business practices, as well as the ability to operate in networks on global markets.

The Key to Unlocking Innovation and Growth

Diversity, along with understanding and promoting it, is one of the most important skills of the future. Tomorrow's leader needs a wide range of perspectives and understanding because an internationalizing workforce presents both opportunities and challenges. International work teams are becoming commonplace in many fields, and effective leadership in such organizations and teams creates a competitive advantage, fosters innovation, and opens up opportunities.

JCI Finland (Suomen Nuorkauppakamarit ry) is an international organization of young adults operating in Finland. Its goal is to develop the leadership skills of its members and positively influence society through various projects, training, and networking. This year, the aim is to highlight Finnish companies that are international or becoming international. The International Employer of The Year competition seeks to identify and reward companies that have succeeded and are committed to promoting diversity, engaging and recruiting new talents nationally and internationally, shaping their work culture, and achieving growth.

Recognizing Companies Driving Diversity

Participating in the competition is worthwhile because Finland needs examples, and future leaders need good practices. The competition is organized in collaboration with Business Finland's Work in Finland unit, XAMK, and the Junior Chamber International. The patron of the competition is Peter Vesterbacka. The competition adds value to well-performing companies and offers them an opportunity to be an example for the future. Additionally, the best practices are intended to be refined into training for future leaders, allowing us to learn skills from each other and improve operations for a better future.

The competition runs until the end of June. Come and listen to a more detailed discussion on the topic at SuomiAreena on June 29th. For more information, visit

Iiro Ignatius

JCI Finland National Project Manager for the International Employer of the Year competition

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