Diverse Group Cheering

International Employer of the Year 2022

The competition is searching for organizations inFinland that have successfully recruited, onboarded, and retained immigrants and international talents and invested in multiculturalism and diversity at the workplace.

The competition is organized by JCI Finland.

Competition open from the 4th of April to 31st of May

Competition Rules

  1. Only organizations registered in Finland can be considered for the award title in 2022

  2. There are three categories in the competition: SMEs, Large companies and public organizations.

  3. An application for the title of the International Employer of 2022 can be made by anyone; organization representatives, employees or persons otherwise familiar with the organization.

  4. The judging will be based on the application. It is important to answer to the questions as widely as possible.

  5. A partner or a sponsor organization of the competition cannot take part in the competition.

  6. The competition is free of charge for the organizations.  

The Prize

The winners of all the three categories in the competition will receive the title International Employer of 2022 of Finland.

The winners will also:

- receive the International Employer of 2022 stamp to be used for their own purposes

- be invited to a panel discussion in the National Conference of JCI Finland in Kuopio 8th of October

Nomination Process

4th of April
- 31st of May

Call for Application


Shortlisting the Applications


Deciding on the Finalists


Announcement of the Winner

Make the application between the 4th of April and 31st of May 2022!