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The winners of the International Employer of the Year 2022

 The winners of the International Employer of the Year 2022 were announced on the 24th of August at SHIFT Business Festival side event.
The winners are Trimble Inc (category: large companies), Brella Ltd (category: small and medium-sized companies) and the department of International Talent Attraction and Migration in the City of Tampere (public organizations)!


International Talent Attraction and Migration department within the City
of Tampere is the winner of the public organizations’ category, and the jury
praises their excellent practices in building an open working environment and
onboarding material for international employees. The jury sees this department
as a frontrunner public organization for taking steps to promote job
opportunities for international job seekers.
As the winner of the large companies’ category, Trimble Finland gets
appreciation from the jury, especially for its journey from a traditional
Finnish engineering company to a diverse international organization. Trimble’s various, inclusive off-work activities were also something that stood out in
their application. 
Brella wins the small and medium-sized companies’ category by having a
long history of building a solid diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) culture
within the organization. Brella has integrated DEI into its organizational
processes, including employee training and surveys to monitor the DEI progress annually, demonstrating a commitment to the goals. 
The jury also wanted to give an honorary mention to Redhill Games by
naming them runner-up in the SME category. The jury was especially impressed by the way Redhill Games puts effort into integrating new international employees and their families into Finland. In addition, Redhill Games was appreciated for having reached diversity on both management and operational levels, making it a truly international company.  
We congratulate all the winning organizations wholeheartedly. 
Want to learn more about the good practices these and other applicants had? Follow the competition on LinkedIn to find more:
The jury included 
Caroline Bondier, Board member, International Working Women of Finland (IWWOF)
Satu Salonen, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Simo Engbom, Executive Vice President, International Affairs, JCI Finland
Caroline Bondier recused herself from the decision with the winner in the small and medium-sized companies because Brella is a partner of IWWOF.

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