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Nominate an Employer

Competition is open from 1st of March to 14th of April

Do you know or work for an employer who has done a great job in terms of promoting equality in hiring practices and has invested in hiring immigrants? Finland needs more companies like that and you can help us to find them!

The link below will open a form where you can nominate a candidate into the competition. We will also ask for your contact information so that we can keep you up to date and ask for more information if needed. 

Please note:

Do not nominate organizations where you hold a managerial or leadership role to ensure impartial nominations.

Practical tips

Writing the application is not difficult, but it is good to take enough time to write it. Familiarize yourself with the questions beforehand.

  • Keep in mind, that the judges have to read tens of applications. A good application is pleasant and easy to read, and answers the questions succinctly.

  • Answer according to the criteria and spell out the themes that have been highlighted.

  • Pay attention to the clarity of expression and things that are essential

  • Don’t blabber – A short and clear text is better than something that doesn’t get to the point

  • Ask a few people to proofread your text

  • Make sure to pick the correct category (large company/SME/public organization)

  • Stick to the truth, don’t exaggerate, don’t oversell

  • You can add concrete examples or statistics, rewards, publications etc.

  • Pay special attention to the summary. The full application will be read through once, the summary multiple times.

Suggestion Form Link
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