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How Trimble’s Inclusive Practices and International Talent Have Fueled Success

Trimble's success story is built on early adoption of inclusive practices and recognition of the value of international talent, which has created a positive work culture and a competitive edge for the business.

In 2022, Trimble won the category of the large companies in the International Employer of the Year competition. It was a pleasant surprise for them to learn that they were nominated by one of their employees without their knowledge.

Already for years, Trimble has worked hard to create an inclusive atmosphere by hiring international talents and offering them an environment where they can learn from each other and celebrate their cultural differences. The company's efforts have paid off.

– The employees can establish different clubs themselves, which we also sponsor as a company. We have had clubs such as MultiCulti where employees have been able to come together and celebrate their own cultures. This is one way of bringing people together, which we genuinely embrace, Senior Manager, People eXperience Anni Korvenpää Clarke says.

Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging

As a software engineering company, Trimble understands that the competition for top talent is intense. To attract the best candidates, they emphasize their professional growth opportunities and organizational culture. They also work on building awareness on potential biases in recruitment practices, educating hiring managers and HR professionals to ensure objective and thorough evaluation of candidates.

– We reflect on our own perceptions in recruitment and question how much they come into play when searching for the perfect candidate.

Despite these challenges, Trimble has had several success stories. They recently promoted an international talent who started as a junior to a senior management position. The employee had sent hundreds of applications before Trimble saw the potential in them and the rest is history.

– Our inclusive culture and welcoming environment have made the employees feel that valued and motivated making it easy for them to stay with the company even when opportunities arise elsewhere.

The Value of Hiring International Talent

Trimble recognizes that hiring international talent brings competitiveness, diverse thinking and innovation to the business, and creates a positive work culture.

– For retaining these talents basically the same recipe is needed as to retain any talents: we need to think, are we able to provide the career growth that people are looking for and do we have the culture where they feel happy to work in, Korvenpää Clarke sums up.

With a huge digital transformation and exciting changes underway, Trimble recognizes that innovative minds are crucial to achieving goals. They are committed to hiring more international talent and providing a work environment where everyone can grow and bring their best selves to work every single day to be part of their future success story.

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